About Us

Journey Dancesport was created with a mission to help align young competitive dancers with their “sports” oriented goals, and is dedicated to the sport of Dance and offers first class events through the AAU for athletes of all ages and experiences levels.

Journey is fully committed to hosting high quality local, regional and national events that provide athletes with an opportunity to enjoy a once- in-a-lifetime experience both on and off the playing surface.

Each year, Journey Dancesport, challenges itself to create breakthrough experiences in the form of events for Dance athletes of all ages and experience levels.

Young Dance Sport Athletes work hard and train hard to compete in this unique sport for the opportunity to attend the West Coast AAU Junior Olympic Games and earn the prestigious and highly coveted Gold Medal. Many take home Medals, Certificates and Passports with accumulation of Points showing dedication to take full advantage of the significance of their journey by adding their new Credentials of ‘Junior Olympian’ to their College Applications in hope of a better chance of acceptance.

Journey Dancesports’ goal is to be of great benefit to the youth across the nation now and in the future by providing not only the West Coast AAU Junior Olympic Games for Dance but also Education through Workshops, Theatre Performances, and a variety of Practice and Competitive events across the country.